Animals Cover Chop Suey

by Hrefna Helgadóttir about 6 months ago
Sometimes the news are so heartbreaking that all we can do is look at animal videos on the internet. 

BBC <3 Sigur Rós

Hoppípolla re-released
by Hrefna Helgadóttir about 7 months ago
"Hoppípolla" was used in 2006 advertisements for the BBC's Planet Earth television series, giving the band exposure...

#TBT Coldplay Turtle

Doesn't get old
by Hrefna Helgadóttir about 8 months ago
We're sure you've already seen this. But it's worth bringing back for throwback Thursday. Just look at that TURTLE! 

25 Memes

for 25 Years of Internet
by Hrefna Helgadóttir about 10 months ago
So the Washington Post helpfully put together this list of the top 25 memes of the internet's first 25 years. Somewha...

When Opportunity Knocks

at 3 in the morning
by Toti Stefansson about 11 months ago
Photo by Sonja LangfordCCZ license 

Make it Stop

by Toti Stefansson about 11 months ago
And pray if you're prone to that sort of thing. Or just think and center yourself.

Hotline (Chandler) BING

Thank you Comedy Central India
by Hrefna Helgadóttir more than 1 year ago
We see what you did thereOkay, so we got Chandler to dance to our tune... No, not ours.#FRIENDSonCC, Mon-Fri, 9 PM....

A Dramatic Reading of Justin Bieber’s “Sorry”

Too real
by Hrefna Helgadóttir more than 1 year ago

All these famous people read Justin Bieber's lyrics to Sorry. Somehow it got too real #drama.

Coldplay, Bruno Mars & Beyoncé at Super Bowl 2016

by Hrefna Helgadóttir more than 1 year ago

Like with many things in life, not many people can sum things better up than Taylor Swift, who said about the Super...

Epic Countdown to Bieber's #WhatDoYouMean

Excellent execution on a single promotion
by Rosa Dogg more than 1 year ago

Justin Bieber has always been a genius in building a hype for his singles. When his song Boyfriend came out in 2012...

Tay Tay and Alanis Do "You Oughta Know"

Get as mad as you want to
by Toti Stefansson more than 1 year ago
Watch Taylor Swift and Alanis Morissette’s Killer "You Oughta Know" on Direct Lyrics
Last night was Staples Center 3,...