Pentatonix & Dolly Parton
by Hrefna Helgadóttir about 9 months ago
Pentatonix continue to outdo themselves. Here they are performing Jolene, featuring the one and only Dolly Parton...

Managing Followers on Twitter

Our recommendation: Crowdfire
by Hrefna Helgadóttir about 10 months ago
Twitter users know it's easy to lose control of who we're following – which means losing control of our newsfeeds.

BuzzFeed No Longer Puts Platform First

Message first, then format and platform
by Hrefna Helgadóttir about 10 months ago
Many seem to think that something like a 'Facebook Strategy' is likely to succeed. We've been busy in the last few...

Always The Right Moment

by Einar Örn about 11 months ago
It was back in 1978 that The Stranglers played in Reykjavik to promote their album Black & White and I was the lucky...

The Paradox of Awareness

by Hrefna Helgadóttir about 11 months ago
Danny Quick works at Ryan Leslie's Superphone, the platform where fans and audiences can reach their idols via the...

When Opportunity Knocks

at 3 in the morning
by Toti Stefansson about 11 months ago
Photo by Sonja LangfordCCZ license 

We Vote for Eleni Kalaitzis

by Toti Stefansson about 11 months ago
Have we mentioned that before?

Epic Countdown to Bieber's #WhatDoYouMean

Excellent execution on a single promotion
by Rosa Dogg more than 1 year ago

Justin Bieber has always been a genius in building a hype for his singles. When his song Boyfriend came out in 2012...

What's a Teenager's Take on Social Media?

by siggasvala more than 1 year ago

Cover photo attribution: Justine-Reyes

We've seen it. We've heard it. But here we have it in writing from a 19 year...