5 New Tracks That Make Our Indie Hearts Leap

by Hrefna Helgadóttir about 2 weeks ago
New tracks from Lorde, Alt-J, Fleet Foxes, Coldplay & Ed Sheeran

Fresh Finds

by Hrefna Helgadóttir about one month ago
Some songs we've been enjoying today

Our Favourite Sia Songs

by Hrefna Helgadóttir about 4 months ago
It's a playlist with our favourite Sia songs (we also consulted an expert).

On This Day: Michael Jackson's Thriller Came Out

30 November 1982
by Hrefna Helgadóttir about 4 months ago
It's hard to find a person that doesn't recognise every single song – if not know it by heart. 


RIP Leonard Cohen
by Hrefna Helgadóttir about 5 months ago
Well I've heard there was a secret chordThat David played and it pleased the LordBut you don't really care for music,...

Tears for Fears

setlist 2016
by Toti Stefansson about 6 months ago
are more excited than others for tomorrow's Tears for Fears concert.

#BackyardSessions with Miley Cyrus

and Ariana Grande
by Hrefna Helgadóttir about 7 months ago
If we could have one wish come true, is that Miley Cyrus would go ahead and put her Backyard Sessions on Spotify alre...