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Cover photo attribution: Nana B Agyei

Everything now is about streaming

We recommend you read the wise words of The Next Big Sound people and the Billboard Biz people. Here are two excellent articles that have just come out this week.

BillboardBiz – What happens when Spotify gets behind an artist?

Billboard looks at what happens when Spotify puts its weight behind an artist. This means a song or an artist gets featured on their playlists and on their discover features. With the neverending supply of music, discovery has become one of the biggest challenges for new artists.

Spotify director Schlosser explains that everything they do is driven by the data, and they act as amplifiers on developments that are already happening. The article further looks at two specific case studies: Hozier's Take Me To Church and Major Lazer's Lean On. The full article is definitely worth a good read.

Next Big Sound – The rapid rise of social and streaming

Let's shift our focus from the decline in sales, and instead focus on maximizing digital revenue from streaming and social interaction
– Next Big Sound

Beautifully insightful statistics about artists, platforms & next level user engagement. Also worth diving into.

Bottom lines: things are changing

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