Somehow we've yet to seriously discuss the serious ice-hockey trajectory of one Billie Eilish other than just in passing in no small part because we couldn't decide which angle to go for?

When Thom Yorke and Dave Grohl line up to gush over how "rock and roll" she is, or when Redding didn't move her to the mainstage till on the day and she attracted literally all of the humans in attendance, or how the tour she's been on in 2019 has been a nightmare for the organisers, because they keep having to move her up venue sizes. Or how she's the only artist born this century to top the Hot 100?

She's been collecting awards and top stream numbers on the level of the likes of Ariana Grande, Lana Del Rey, and Taylor Swift who all have publicly declared support and love for her and her music and her autonomy in making her own music. Because her one of the most sold albums of the year is entirely produced by Eilish and her brother in their parents' home in Los Angeles. Or how she has been on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine and Billboard and all of them.

“You’re the only one doing anything fucking interesting nowadays.”
Thom Yorke to Billie Eilish

Or how she defied gravity on SNL. Or how she went from 200 capacity in London's Hoxton in 2017 to killing it a Glastonbury. Wait, we already said that here.

Sorry if we're a little incoherent, our minds are still fuzzy from just securing tickets to the 2020 Billie Eilish Experience. And we wanted to tell you that if you want to get tickets, they're going on sale this week. You're welcome.

Hrefna Helgadóttir
Promogogo Product Manager