So there's this woman in Australia...

Photo by Sonja Langford
CCZ license

Eight hours ago a woman named Eleni uploaded a video to Facebook. This video was a fabulous rendering of Seven Nation Army, Postmodern Jukebox style. As PMJ has a global search #PMJsearch for new talent going, she tagged it and Postmodern Jukebox in her entry on Facebook.

Then she presumably went to sleep.

At about 3am, her time, Postmodern Jukebox shared her video.

No Facebook Page

Now, this is a music teacher going to grad school and when opportunity knocked and one of the greatest artist ensemble on the planet crowned her awesome the only thing we could find was her personal Facebook account which she used to upload the video.

It is not configured to allow followers. There is no Facebook Page to like. There is no about section taking us to a webpage or letting us know her Twitter identity so we can follow her.

That is a wasted opportunity since the lifespan of social media entries is very very short and Eleni lost out on this one.

So if you want to build a career in music, do not lose out. It is always better to have a following, to have traction. And even if it's just you and your friends, at least be ready to start building an audience when opportunity knocks.

We're Promogogo and we can help you with that.

Check Eleni & PMJ out on FB