Citymapper is the best way to navigate any city. You can't put a price on being able to navigate like a local in London, Paris, Rome or DC, LA, SF or Mexico City or Seoul or Melbourne.

From the obvious like train connections, to answering 'how much for uber?".

Because being lost sucks. Getting to your destination anxiety-free in whatever city is amazing.


Due is a great app, despite the name being a little awkward. Reminders that will not stop until you've done what needed to get done. Sometimes that's exactly what you need.

Works well both for one-offs (book an appointment for dentist) or repetitive tasks (take vitamins). It's not really a to-do list app as much as it is a scheduling tool.

Top marks.


The following problems are solved with Instapaper:

  • the article you want to read is really long and you don't really have the time to read it now
  • you want to reference this article at some point in the future so you don't want to lose it
  • the ads on the website hosting the article are so annoying it's not possible to both read the article and keep one's sanity

Ridiculously easy interface that works on desktop and devices alike. Also possibly the most clean design ever seen on a product.

All your articles (or just good ones). Works offline (great for travel). Highlight feature (great for nerds). And best of all, it just got bought by Pinterest, so the membership fee has been scrapped.

So it's free. And very useful.


Never have you ever achieved anything so artistic, with such little effort. Take photo – let the app process it, and it looks like a painting. Not in a weird and lame way, but in a good way.

Here are photos we found on Instagram that have been prisma-fied.


The obvious choice. But just because something is obvious doesn't mean it shouldn't be said.

Hands down our most used app. It was great when we first tried it, and since then they've only made it better.

Telling someone "you know Spotify puts all your most listened to songs in a single playlist at the end of year" when they don't know is simply a moment of joy.

Products that manage to surprise and excite long time users simply get top marks.

Absolute favourite, not just for 2016 but in general.


Snapchat is fun. It's easy to see what your friends up to. There are no likes. The groups are amazing.

It works great for people under 25. It has a viable business model from the get-go. Its features get copied by giants in the scene – Instagram and Facebook.

What were some of your favourites? Tell us