by Hrefna Helgadóttir 04 Oct 2017

It feels impossible to put into words the sorrow and heartbreak that follows hearing about the horrors of Las Vegas. Manchester broke our heart. So did Bataclan. And now Las Vegas.

Seeing Jason Aldean in Las Vegas should be the highlight of the year for those in attendance.

The fact that we're experiencing this again, and then again is crushing in a new way. Ariana Grande managed to react with such grace and strength to what must have been the worst day of her life, it's only fitting to go back to her words.

Some data nerds figured out that the 2nd of October was the saddest day we have ever had on Twitter. Between Tom Petty's passing and the act of terror in Las Vegas – (not to mention Puerto Rico, and the current ugliness of politics), this is no surprise. A new low in the nine years of data. It was like someone successfully squeezed all of 2016 into one day.

Jimmy Kimmel says it all

and the Eiffel tower went dark, in memory of all the victims