The podcast Hello Internet, that has been number one on iTunes in five countries, including the US and UK, has announced (and sold out of) a vinyl exclusive episode. By doing so they follow in the footsteps of Stephen Fry, Bill Burr, and probably more people.

As we already know, vinyl is still totally cool – and there is one Chicagoan who prefers the warm undertones of vinyl for his podcasts so much that he's okay with being four year behinds on his Joe Rogan Experience (and they dare to call him pretentious!).

But podcasts are not released on vinyl you ask?

“Sure, it’s kind of a pain in the ass to submit over 200 episodes of RISK! and Magic: The Amateuring to the pressing plant, what with all these fucking major labels clogging up the system, but it’s worth it for the warm undertones.”
– Matt Sneed (the Chicagoan)

Well, dear Matt Sneed, seems like we're headed that way. Indeed we are.