No Exclusive

Finally a pop diva that doesn't close her music off in a platform that no one uses. Britney's Glory is not exclusive to any one platform. It simply came out today, everywhere.

Playlists are how we listen to music now. The frustration we've witnessed first-hand in our friends and family, when they can't include their favourite songs on their playlists, makes us wonder if these exclusivity deals really are worth it (we're hard pressed to find a person that does not want at least one song by Taylor Swift, Bey's Lemonade, or Adele on their playlist).

It's one thing if it's for a little while while the album sales are being 'cashed in' on. But a year later? Two years later? Really? Troy Carter, former artist manager, now works at Spotify agrees.

"Most labels are getting around to understanding that exclusives aren’t great for the business. As a manager, I would want my artists' music to be everywhere. When you carve it out to one service, you miss out on fans."

So hats off to Britney, also – good album.