As you can imagine, we like live music.

Whilst seeing the big legends is pretty epic, there's just something so special about hearing a song that was written 3 days prior to the performance, and then sitting in the same room as the artists and maybe even speaking to them.

What makes our music promotion heart beat though, is when we see a small local, up and coming artist, who then remembers to ask the audience to follow on their social platforms.

We're often in the position of reminding people to promote themselves, or include a call to action, or clarifying what they're asking of people, or any number of management type of conversations (we're so fun).

But last night, enjoying a beautiful evening of live music and a couple of cocktails – we saw an album sales tactic we handn't seen before.

Gus White, was performing tracks from his upcoming EP, True Really Do Come Dreams, when he said "oh yes, you can buy my album right now" and as he said this, he pulled up a notebook.

Yes, a Notebook.

And not just any notebook, but a Dream Diary. Which made complete sense in the context of his performance and the contents of his EP.