Ah, this is fun. Let's see what happens when we google 'band member wearing other bands'.

Jared Leto

wearing Motley Crue

Louis Tomlinson

wearing Joy Division

Alex Gaskarth

wearing One Direction (with Zayn crossed out)

Harry Styles

wearing KISS

Dave Grohl

Same thing

Lady Gaga

in Iron Maiden

Miley Cyrus

same again

This *is* fun... let's keep going


wearing Notorious B.I.G.

And Bey

wears Slayer

Justin Bieber

in Blink-182

Selena Gomez

in Guns'n'Roses


takes it to another level by being on the cover of Rolling Stones magazine wearing Cramps

But the best thing though...

Matthew Healy of 1975

wearing Taylor Swift

and Taylor Swift

wearing The 1975

I see what you did there

If you know any other examples of this wearing-each-others-merch: please, please, pretty please, send those our way (like on Twitter maybe).

Bottom line: ​band merch is cool.