With a very successful recent SpaceX mission and many more to come even across other space agencies; we seem to be back in an era where space news are a regular part of the media cycle.

And we have just the soundtrack to put you in the mood.

British band Public Service Broadcasting used sound samples from the space race in the late 50s and through to the early 70s; particularly the launch events of Sputnik 1, a number of the Apollo missions including the fire of Apollo 1, as well as from the USSR's side: Vostok 1 and 6 and Voskhod 2.

They're travelling over the back side of the Moon now
Our velocity reading here 7777 feet per second
Now we are in our period of the longest wait
Continuing to monitor, this is Apollo Control, Houston

The album consists of sound samples from the missions and the band carefully constructs the atmosphere, tension and energy with their music; telling the powerful story of the sound bites quite vividly.

It is a truly special record, and now that we seem to be back in the era of space exploration, it's worth a listen. 

a little extra

Oh, and since it seems almost barbaric to reference 'space music' without a nod to Bowie, here's a beautiful cover of "Life of Mars".