Hrefna Helgadóttir
Promogogo Product Manager

Those who have followed Promogogo for a while – may remember one of our most iconic post "The Boom of the Live Music Industry". It's one of our most read posts of all time, where we explore what the shift from recording to touring in the music industry looks like.

We picked three artists whose key revenue streams have completely turned around in the last couple of decades and looked at their careers in detail – comparing their album sales and touring sales from then to now. 

Now in Print!

We got approached by an Italian author who asked if he could use our graphs from 'The Boom of the Live Music Industry' in his book about marketing, that's coming out in Italy this week!

We said yes, and 'Beyond Marketing' by Emanuele De Leon is now available to pre-order from Amazon. So we of course recommend this book to anyone who wants to brush up on their marketing knowledge, in Italian.

Excerpts from the Book

with our graphs – how's your Italian?

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