Since Born To Die came out in 2012, Lana Del Rey can only be described as singular. She doesn't compete for celebrity, she's an artist. She's mysterious, old-school glam, soft but sharp, and without parallel. Like Billboard puts it

the music Lana Del Rey makes
could only be made by Lana Del Rey.

Billboard Cover Story

Lana Del Rey kinda effortlessly defies our culture of obsessing over charts and numbers and forecasts. There's no pandering, she just says what she wants to say and it's up to you to listen. And while the critics have to grapple with how to articulate her place in the industry of today and rate her on a five-star scale: we'll just take this opportunity to sit back and listen.

And then watch her new music video as the 50-foot woman and then quietly ponder how wild Jack Antonoff's life is, having this release come out today he produced and last week Taylor Swift's Lover, which he also produced. Is he just sitting there in his home studio and then as Taylor walks out, Lana greets her in the hallway before her session starts? Seems plausible.

And then mindlessly scroll through the gram, seeing her California glam pop up, only to be delighted when in her Old-School–Hollywood-Pop-Art-Esque aesthetic, learn she's touring Norman Fucking Rockwell

That's all.