Maggie Rogers' song Alaska has been streamed on Spotify over 45 million times.

Broken by Pharrell's Face

The story told on Pharrell's face, is one of the best told this year.

He goes from being open to this track, to holy shit, to dang this girl's got it, to dang she has no friggin clue, to this is going to be played -a lot- and maan she doesn't even know it, to maaan that is beautiful, to glancing at her teacher being like "you know", to what even is this, she has no clue, dang, holyshit, her life's about to change forever, dat beat doe, yeah, let me just sit in and enjoy that slick song and production for the rest of the duration of the song, this is crazy, man, I can't wait to talk to her, I'm going to co-sign this shiz, dis gonna be big this one, ooh-ohh-ohho-ohh-ooho, yas girl you slayed bitch, I can't wait to talk to her "woaaah, woah *clap clap clap*"

"I have zero zero zero notes for that.

And I'll tell you why, it's because you're doing your own thing. It's singular. It's like when the Wu Tang Clang came out no one could really judge it, you either liked it or you didn't but you couldn't compare it to anything else. And that is such a special quality."
Pharrell Williams after listening to Maggie Rogers' Alaska for the first time

Anyway, that's our pick.

It doesn't hurt that "only cool people have heard of Maggie Rogers" is something someone literally said out loud in our presence earlier this year. #feedthevanitypls

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