A New York paper, The New York Times, got a backstage pass to The NYC Met Opera just before a big performance.

As someone who's always been drawn to the juxtaposition of the glamour at the front of house and the grittiness in the back – it's kinda cool to get a tour of one of the most glamorous establishments of them all, The Met.

As is often the case, one of the Green brothers managed to put this feeling into words better than we ever could.

"All the things that make the world actually work tend to be hidden from us.

They're above the drop ceiling, behind the scenes, under the hood. We have this instinct to hide all of the pipes and wires and servers and ducts so we can create a nice shiny glossy beautiful thing.

It's hidden, so that we can make it look like magic."
–Hank Green

slightly edited from spoken English to written

as if by magic

works for us