more than 2 years ago

Billboard wrote this fantastic article in 2013, looking back on that year.

We still think it's relevant today. We think reading the full article is an absolute must do. Here are some of our favourite quotes and highlights.

Our favourite quotes:

"The concert business is basically on fire"
– Dennis Arfa, AGI (Artist Group International)
"On a global basis, live music is exploding"
– Live Nation Entertainment CEO Michael Rapino
"It is a rare situation for the news to be so positive in every aspect, with double-digit increases in many different metrics"
– Ray Waddell from Billboard
"We're seeing a great supply of artists filling the venues, [and] when you add globalization to that, we think that the live business is booming and has a long growth period ahead of it."
– Rapino again
"The public's thirst for their favorite stars seems to be unquenchable"
– Danny Zelisko, independent Phoenix based promoter
"It's a great time to be a successful live act"
– Arfa again

Other highlights

– The value of the touring business is almost $5 billion dollars annually.

– It's not just the megastars that are successful. Artists of all genres and sizes are doing well.

– New media has been a watershed for the industry. Targeted marketing raises awareness for a show.

– Important for the industry not to let greed control its actions.

Live music: it's where it's at.

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